PDSA – Plan. Do. Study. Act

It’s the last Sunday of the month! How are you doing with your new year’s resolutions, #19for2019 or working on your own personal goals? Last year I was impressed with what I accomplished from my 18for2018 list! I’m a few days shy from checking off – no spend January!!! Utilizing the Mint app has validated the progress I’m making with no spend January compared to last month and the months prior.

If you’re looking for strategies to readdress your personal goals a PDSA Cycle is a perfect tool to implement. PDSA is a model for improvement – examining what you would like to change. Is it your sleep habit, improve you financial goals, develop a better nutritional lifestyle, etc.? The PDSA cycle is a cycle of perpetual movement towards improvement. How? Examining three key questions: what are we trying to accomplish, how will we know that a change is an improvement, and what change can we make that will result to an improvement? The cycle begins with creating a Plan, followed by implementation (Do), then examination – study the efforts made, and lastly Acting on the information learned.

From my example above my plan was to refrain from spending for the month of January, I committed to the plan – do, I’m measuring my progress with the Mint app) – study and continue to monitor my accounts – act. Because I’m achieving the results I desire its not necessary to make changes within my PDSA, however if my results were opposite from my expected outcome based on reflecting – studying this would have required me to alter my plan and begin the cycle again. What I like about this model is it prevents you from quitting as your in a constant state of motion towards accomplishing your goals!

I hope this information was helpful! What other strategies have you implemented and found successful for your own personal improvement projects?  

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