One of the luxuries of being a bedside nurse is the hassle free process of determining what to wear each shift. The bedside nurse attire varies across healthcare systems. Having only worked for two healthcare systems where one system was more formal which created more uniformity across the system and a clear way for patients, …

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Mentoring & Growth

I’ve precept numerous nurses over my 13 years – from student nurses, to new graduate nurses, and experienced nurses. As I reflect on my experience I’ve greatly enjoyed orientating new graduate nurses. Their various emotions on day one from nervous, semi-excited, various ranges of doubt, some timid, some confident this list could continue, but observing …

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A Nurse Haiku

Nursing resilience comes in many forms of activities and practices. Reflect back to last week… how did you incorporate resiliency to prevent burnout? After developing last weeks post. I had a need to contribute and dedicate a poem regarding our profession. One of the podcast I listen to, Happier always offers Happiness Hacks for listeners to try …

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