Kathleen, MSN | MBA, RN

My nursing career started in 2006 after receiving my BSN. I began my nursing journey in the acute care setting on a Med-Surg Telemetry Unit. Little did I know this would become my home and place of growth. A lot of who I am today as a nurse was cultivated on this unit and truly became the foundation of my nursing path. Ready to explore a whole new world [insert Disney’s Aladdin song; A Whole New World] in 2016 I started a new journey as a Pediatric nurse.  The year following I graduated with a dual Masters degree. In 2018,  the perfect opportunity presented itself to become a nurse manager for two incredible teams!

Designing my personal RNblueprint has evolved as early as my undergraduate clinical rotation and continues to develop and unfold intentionally and at times unintentionally. Being flexible and open to recreating and redesigning my pathway has lead me to this very moment…the creation of RNblueprint blog site!